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Caribbean Breeze Adventures remains intent on connecting the world to Puerto Rico with a focus on fun.

With authentic tours and excursions allowing our guests to see her beauty through a local lens, we leave no corner of the island uncovered.

Visiting Puerto Rico? We’re here to guide you! Allow us to make your perfect tour a reality! Each one of our tour options are authentic and full of adventure. We at Caribbean Breeze Adventures bridge you and your world with that of Puerto Rico. With vibrant colors, upbeat music, outdoor excursions, and a cuisine packed with flavor, this island city is one of the most amazing places to experience. Our packages provide guests up close interactions with the local community, historical insights of art and culture of each area, as well as chances to live amongst the tropical climate – lounging on beaches and hiking through rainforests.

Which tour fits your personality?

Great for ages and abilities of all kinds, each itinerary allows guests to experience moments they’ll remember forever. No matter what you choose, each one has something to offer. Whether your vibe is casual, cultural, adventurous, or natural, we’ll exceed all expectations! Check out our FAQ page for a brief synopsis of each tour or read more information below. Select from the following list and book your next family, friend, or work event now!

Whether your vibe is Casual, Cultural, Adventurous, or Natural, allow our tours to exceed your expectations!

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Adventurous One Temporarily Unavailable

Experience stunning architecture, local food, and many other hidden treasures of Puerto Rico!

Learn the history of Old San Juan's forts and cathedrals, experience the locally coveted Crash Boat Beach, enjoy breathtaking views from the Cabo Rojo lighthouse cliffs of Faro Los Morrillos, and finally a boat ride through the luminous waters of La Parguera’s Bioluminescent Bay.

Casual One

Enjoy a day filled with island fun and Puerto Rican landmarks!

All age groups will have their fill of swinging, swimming, water sliding, and jumping at a casual pace. Experience the culture of Puerto Rico, the essence of El Yunque Rainforest, and traditions of the Kioskos de Luquillo Beach. Finish the day with the best Puerto Rican food, drinks, and music.

Casual One for Cruise Passengers

A relaxing afternoon in El Yunque National Forest designed exclusively for cruise ship passengers.

Spend half a day away from the paved tourist areas on this highly-favored adventure into a hidden paradise. Take a casual walk through El Yunque National Forest. Discover a natural waterfall and waterslide, jump, swing, and swim in the river, all while relaxing in the serenity of the rainforest.

Luminous One

Feast your eyes on the dazzling bioluminescent waters of Puerto Rico’s Bio Bay! 

After enjoying the local culture of La Parguera, we’ll make our way to the original Bioluminescent Bay. As the sun fades from the sky above, watch the water begin to illuminate from below.

Natural One

Experience an intimate evening in nature!

Spend this special night kayaking through bioluminescence and the mangrove forest of Puerto Rico. Arriving at the sparkling Laguna Grande Bioluminescent Bay, you will become fully entranced by the dancing microorganisms in the water. But take note, this trip to the Bio Bay is not for the faint of heart. You will be journeying with only the light of the stars and the moon to guide your way.

Tropical One

Go island-hopping, snorkeling, and paddleboarding between stunning uninhabited locations.

Navigate through protected waters, paddleboard along the coastline, discover San Juan's marine life using snorkeling equipment and end the day by kicking back and relaxing with an ice-cold beverage. The itinerary for this tour is planned to create lasting memories on your next family vacation.

Cultural One

Explore the top destinations in Puerto Rico- Old San Juan and Vistas de Piñones.

Experience history, culture, and an authentic view of the enchanted island of Puerto Rico. You will start your day with a historic walk through Old San Juan and end it with local cuisine, ocean views, and a plunge in the protected coastline of Playa Piñones!

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