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Immerse Yourself in the Wonders of El Yunque National Forest

Adventurous Trip To El Yunque National Forest

If you are searching for an adventurous holiday trip that would bring you face-to-face with beautiful scenery, then El Yunque National Forest in Puerto Rico is the place you should be. This tropical rainforest is filled with naturally beautiful things that can be observed, enjoyed, and engaged in several ways. If you are a nature lover, love trekking, or you just want to get lost in the beauty of nature and move away from all worldly worries, you should find your way to El Yunque. Here are some tips on how you can make the most of your time among the trees in this amazing forest.

Hiking Trails for Every Skill Level

Exploring the trails is one of the most rewarding ways of enjoying the features of El Yunque. There are many trails within the forest which are categorized in terms of difficulty so that you can meet easy walks, moderate trails, and even steep climbs on your way.

Big Tree Trail

This is one of the best trails for novices or for people who want to introduce their children to trail riding. It’s a short trail that offers a fascinating hike through the tropical rainforest to La Mina Falls; one of the most famous waterfalls in the forest. The trail is well maintained and it has so many points where anyone can decide to take a break and admire the surrounding view.

La Mina Trail

A bit more difficult than the Big Tree Trail is the La Mina Trail which also gives a view of La Mina Falls. The trail is relatively more inclined and features steps; nevertheless, the view at the end of the hike is worth it. It is possible to take a shower in the pool that is formed near the waterfall or get into it for a swim.

El Yunque Peak

If you are interested in a more challenging trail, there is the El Yunque Peak Trail which takes you to the highest point of the forest. The trail is steep and rocky in some parts, but the views of the mountain range from the summit are breathtaking. This especially comes in handy during the day when the sky is clear and one can see the whole forest and the surrounding regions.

Waterfalls and Swimming Holes

There are several waterfalls and swimming spots in El Yunque that you can visit and take a shower. La Mina Falls is the most popular one, however, there are other not very crowded, but just as beautiful places.

Juan Diego Creek

A few hundred meters off the road, there is Juan Diego Creek, which has several mini-waterfalls with pools for a leisurely dip in the midst of the forest. It is a perfect place for a swim in a somewhat secluded area from the rest of the tourists.

La Coca Falls

La Coca Falls is a beautiful waterfall situated near the park entry point and it has a drop-off of 85 feet. In this place, swimming is prohibited but it is ideal for taking photos and for the appreciation of the forest.

Wildlife Watching

The El Yunque forest is a perfect place for wildlife lovers. The forest is occupied by numerous animals; one of them is the Puerto Rican parrot – one of the most endangered kinds of birds in the world. During hiking, you are likely to see small colorful birds, coquí frogs, and lizards. The forest is alive with chirps, croaks, and the sound of leaves moving in the wind making the experience of being in El Yunque much more enchanting.

Adventure Awaits You At El Yunque National Forest

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