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Appreciate Nature While Kayaking In Puerto Rico

Laguna Grande Bio Bay Kayaking

Puerto Rico is a great place to go for a kayak ride if you are seeking an adventure coupled with some physical activity and the beauty of nature. It is a beautiful island that boasts amazing terrains, crystal clear waters, and lots of wildlife perfect for any caliber of kayaker. Here are five reasons why you should pack a paddle and get on the water for the kayak adventure of a lifetime in Puerto Rico.

Why Choose Kayaking in Puerto Rico?

Kayaking in Puerto Rico is a must for many reasons. First, the island has many types of water bodies for kayaking ranging from the calm waters of bays to the more adventurous rivers. There are plenty of places where you can start, and if you are an expert – there are places for that as well. Moreover, kayaking is an eco-tourism activity because it brings people closer to nature and lets us all get an opportunity to clearly see the beauty of nature in Puerto Rico.

Best Places to Kayak in Puerto Rico

Kayaking is a fun activity and there are so many places for this activity in Puerto Rico. Below are some of the best places that you should look at when planning for a wonderful kayaking experience amidst nature.

  • Bioluminescent Bays: Bioluminescent bays are one of the most enchanting kayaking adventures in Puerto Rico. These bays contain small organisms known as dinoflagellates that produce a bright light when agitated. Nighttime paddling through these bioluminescent waters is an experience that can be found nowhere else in the world. Let’s look at three places you can kayak while enjoying the glow of a bioluminescent bay.
  • Mosquito Bay (Vieques): Known as the brightest bioluminescent bay in the world, Mosquito Bay certainly provides a magical kayaking experience. The luminosity of this place is quite high, so Mosquito Bay is definitely worth visiting. Every time you dip your paddle or turn your kayak, the water shines a kind of faint luminescent green light. This bay is ideal for anyone who would like to spend their night in the sea.
  • Laguna Grande (Fajardo): Laguna Grande is the most popular of the three bioluminescent bays and is situated on the eastern coast of Puerto Rico. It is ideal for first-timers and children because it is less crowded, and it’s easily accessible. Kayaking through Laguna Grande, you will notice that your kayak is surrounded by a bluish light that gives a magical feel. The experience is silent and mystical, ideal for those who wish to explore the night beauty of nature.
  • La Parguera (Lajas): While the other bioluminescent bays have been off-limits to swimming, La Parguera offers a more up-close and personal encounter with the glowing waters. When kayaking in La Parguera, you can even put your hands in the water or swim and make the bioluminescence come to life all around the kayak. It is an excellent place for those who are going to kayak and swim at the same time in a rather extraordinary way.

Other Top Kayaking Spots

In addition to the bioluminescent bays, Puerto Rico has other great spots for kayaking which are as follows;

  • Culebra Island: Culebra is one of the small islands located off the east coast of Puerto Rico, which is famous for its untouched sandy shores and clear sea. Flamenco Beach is one of the most famous places on the island and is ranked among the top beaches in the world. When kayaking around Culebra, one can encounter rocky crevices, colorful coral gardens, and a variety of sea creatures. The water is still and the shades of blue make it an ideal place for underwater visibility which is good for snorkeling.
  • El Yunque National Forest: While canoeing in the river or stream of El Yunque, you will be enclosed by the thick forest and the thrill of wildlife. The fresh water, and the calmness of the place offer relief from the normal busy life stress.

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